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AWS Cloud Solutions

Amazon Web Services by MSJ IT
Amazon Web Services provides tools that only the largest enterprises could access just a few years ago. We can help you take advantage of AWS by designing a scalable, cost efficient and secure solution utilizing industry best practices.


Networking MSJ IT
We provide objective, independent perspective to help companies realize the full potential of their IT resources, investments and assets.


MSJ IT Hardware Services
MSJ IT will build the foundation that will allow you to concentrate on growing your business. We offer managed IT services, server support, enterprise level hosting services, computer repair, virtualization, remote tech support and network and data infrastructure.

Custom Rails Apps

Custom Ruby on Rails Apps by MSJ IT
Ruby on Rails provides a framework for fast, secure and bug-free web applications for our clients. Using Ruby on Rails we have helped customers solve a unique set of challenges including data analysis, tax savings optimizations and more.

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